Almonds · Caramel · Grape · Milk Chocolate

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Various smallholder farmers



Washed / Patio Dried

Caturra, Typica

1350 – 1500 M


December – March

Caramel, Grape, Milk Chocolate, Toasted Almonds, Bright Citrus, Balanced


Panama Boquete - is an exotic bean that is growing in popularity in the coffee world. Many people won't buy certain brands if they don't come from the "best coffee countries". Brazil and Colombia have long been considered the top coffee bean producing countries, but Panama is quickly making a name for itself. This gorgeous country has some amazing coffee bean farms that are helping create premium coffees that are savored all around the world.

Panama has a rich and diverse climate that provides fertile farmland for coffee beans. The elevation and the volcanic content of the soil help cultivate some of the finest beans. Panama's climate is ideal for this crop. It has a wonderful, moist tropical environment along with good cloud cover. Coffee beans thrive this way. Panama also boasts some of the best coffee bean farms in the world that still use old techniques for growing and harvesting them. Panama has long been undervalued for green coffee, but it has gained fame for having a wide variety of coffee to choose from. Tourists can enjoy visiting the gorgeous coffee plantations to see how the cherries are harvested for the beans as well as enjoy a coffee tasting at the end of the tour. Ranging from some of the more widely available blends to the rare, expensive Geisha bean, Panama is a coffee connoisseur's paradise.

Panama's rich ecology allows a wide variety of different coffee plants to thrive. Most of these plants produce beans that have a clear acidity and citrus tones as the soil helps create this flavor palette. The plants were originally brought to Panama from Ethiopia in the 1960s and have thrived in this Central American country. The Geisha beans produce a light bodied, aromatic coffee that is one of the most valued coffees in the world. But, Panama produces other very high quality beans for those that don't want to spend as much. One of the best known being Typica. This is the base of many varietals that can be found from Panama. Different types of plants grow well at the different elevations and each has its own characteristic flavors. Some of the best-known varietals that can be found coming from Panama are Typica, Caturra, Pacamara, Bourbon, Catuai, Mundo Novo and Maragogype.

Panama is a country with a wide variety of ecologies that lend themselves to a range of coffee plants that thrive in the tropical climate. With such a vast selection of superior coffee beans that produce different flavors, it's not surprising that Panama is ranked as one of the best countries in the world for coffee production. No matter the flavor or acidity you might want, Panamanian coffee plants will most likely produce a coffee bean that will suit your tastes. From the everyday coffee drinkers to the refined coffee snob, Panama coffee beans provide incredible options.





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