Over the years, Copan Trade has seen the marketplace change. Small and medium size coffee roasters are shifting the supply chain to a more efficient method and unique coffees are becoming increasingly available. We are looking to cater to this niche of the market by offering logistic and supply channel services to the United States.

We are creating a supply channel between producing countries and the United States. Our goal is to connect small (micro lot) quantities of high-quality green coffee beans with small and medium size coffee roasters. The supply channel is both labor and capital intensive. Additional difficulties transporting coffee beans are security concerns and sustainability of the coffee through storage, handling, and punctual delivery at its destination. Our goal is to increase the ability consumers choice buyers and sellers to negotiate the sale of green coffee beans under specified qualities.

Please fill out the form below with a description of services you can provide. We will respond with information so you can learn about a supply channel where your coffees can reach the marketplace in the United States in an efficient and effective manner (Ocean Freight, Repackaging orders, LTL shipment).