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Light Roast- coffee beans are roasted for the least amount of time, generally reaching an internal temperature of 380°F - 410°F. Coffee beans are roasted until right after the first crack and tend to not have oils on them because they haven’t been roasted at a high enough temperature. Lightly roasted coffee maintains more of the original flavor while having the most acidity and highest caffeine level.

Medium Roast- coffee beans are roasted until their internal temperature reaches between 410°F - 420°F, after the first crack and just before the second crack occurs. They have a balanced flavor with more body and less acidity than a light roast, though this varies.

Dark Roast- coffee beans are roasted until after the second crack, reaching an internal temperature of 425°F - 435°F. Oils will start to appear on the surface of the coffee bean due to the extreme temperatures. Dark roast coffees have a richer, fuller flavor with more body and less acidity than lighter roasts.

French Roast-coffee beans are roasted until they reach internal temperatures of 440°F - 450°F. Oils will appear on the coffee bean. French Roast coffee tends to diminish the origin flavors while enhancing the sweetness due to their natural sugars caramelizing during the roasting process. These coffees develop a rich, smoky flavor and full body while decreasing the caffeine content and acidity.



Roasting and grinding services for all our customers. Our master roaster crafts the best roast profile for each origin. Our roaster batch capacity is 75 lbs and we offer services starting at 25 lb quantities, starting at $1.60 per pound. To order services online, green coffee beans must be purchased separately in 25, 50 OR 75 lb increments. Depending on the roast level moisture weight reduces between 15 – 20%. Roasted and ground bulk coffee is shipped with an air tight seal in a silver side gusseted bag with a valve. Please add an extra 2 days for delivery to allow time for the roasting schedule. * All sales are final on roasting services. Please contact us before ordering if you have any questions.

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