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Choose either a 5 lb or 25 lb package of some of our best selling coffee origins. A quick hand picked sampler that's great for any occasion or if you just like trying something new!

*Container are currently unavailable as we are trying to find a better shipping option to prevent them from breaking. Thank you for understanding as we work to continually improve products for our roasters.

- Colombia Supremo

- Honduras Santa Rosa

- Brazil Florada

- Ethiopia Sidamo

- Indonesia Sumatra


Copan Trade directly works with farms in Columbia to import our Colombian Supremo, delicious green coffee beans. We are one of the few suppliers of green bean coffee who offer small quantities to both commercial and home roasters of exotic beans.


Our Santa Rosa coffee is produced in the western highlands of Honduras, where the coffee cherries are allowed to ripen in their own time for a product perfect for coffee aficionados, restaurants, cafés, retail stores and more.


Brazilian coffee specialty Florada Fancy Cup imported by Copan Trade. This amazing bean has been directly imported from Brazil with tremendous care to ensure the consistency and quality of the green bean coffee is never compromised.


Have you ever tried Ethiopian Sidamo?  If not, then you should.  This unique coffee bean is sought after by many and well worth the time it takes to grow and import it.


Looking for great Sumatra green coffee? Copan Trade has an amazing supply of green coffee beans from Indonesia. We’ve carefully imported these beans from their native farms to the US in order to keep the quality and integrity of the product.

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