Jasmin, Fancy SHB, Strictly Hard Bean EP – Home Roaster Small Quantity


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Grade: Guatemala, SHB EP

Harvest: 2018

Region of Origin:


Cupping Attributes

Q-Grade: 83.75 – See Full Report (PDF)

Prime Attribute: Apple pie, sweet clean, tangerine


Preparation / Milling Attributes

Screen Size: 98% above 14 screen


The Jasmin is a blend of beautiful coffees from Huehuetenango and Cafes de Oriented. It creates a balanced cup of acidity, body, and fragrance.


Its name comes from its distinct aroma do to its blend of two regions cafes de Oriente, and Huehuetenango. Huehuetenango gives it a high acidity and a winey quality, and cafes de Oriente gives sweetness and body. This pair is what makes it a fancy cup status.

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2 reviews for Jasmin, Fancy SHB, Strictly Hard Bean EP – Home Roaster Small Quantity

  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    Bill Barton (verified owner)

    I also like my beans on the dark side so I take them to just past the 2nd crack and then let them rest for 3 days, they come out of the roaster with a “shine” on them. In my air popcorn popper it runs just about 7min 45 sec. a really nice coffee.

  2. Rated 5 out of 5


    These Beans are a tough one, but worth the effort to get them right. I first roasted these like the Costa Rican, which if you read my review on them, you know that they are an excellent overall bean. The Guatemala beans took me about 5lb. to dial into the “sweet-spot” on these Hard Beans. At first, I pulled them at the beginning of the first crack; after 5 minutes in 200º water in a french press, the brew was grassy and not good. My next attempt was into the Second crack, and the result was less grassy and a bit more flavor, but not what the bean could be. Third, I took past into the second crack, and with the brew method, the same the cup was ok. I could tell that these beans had something there just not making the roast and brew work.
    The fourth I roasted about 20sec past the 2nd crack, and cut the brew time to 4 mins; this was good. I was looking for great.
    There is some bean lore that states that if you let the beans sit for a day or two, the flavor will mellow and change. With My Costa Rican beans this was never a problem, they were great out of roasted, and they never lasted that long to taste a change. I wasn’t too happy with the jasmine beans and put the last batch in storage, and I went back to my favorite. After three days of forgetting about the Guatemala beans, I was out of CR coffee in the morning and grabbed this SHB Guatemala; it was wonderful. Smooth, mellow, with so many different flavors. These beans now have become my favorite, they are complex, and each day they change just a little and make that window between 3and 10 days( ok they never last that long, a 1 lb roast disappears within three days) a treat.
    That bean lore goes for some beans, and not for other. The great thing about home/ small batch roasting is you can profile the beans to its personal “sweet spot.” Each bean is different,t and to get the full flavor out of them; you have to roast the way the beans needs roasting. Now that these Jasmine has shown me there secret on how they like to be handled, I love these beans, and I also know that allowing some beans to sit will affect the taste.
    Depending on your roaster, and the speed you can roast these beans, your time may vary, but once you have them “dial-in” you will be very happy. I spend my morning sipping this cup slowly just to enjoy the flavors.

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