Ethiopia Harrar



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Origin: Ethiopia

Grade: 1-2


screen Size:

Region: Harrar 

Arabica Variety: Heirloom Cultivars

Process: Natural / Sun Dried On Raised Beds

Altitude: 1520 – 2120 M.A.S.L

Harvest Period: October – February

Cupping Attributes

Q-Grade Score: 85

Cupping Notes: Raisin, Blackberry, Strawberry, Sweet, Earthy, Chocolate, Creamy Body



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Ethiopian Harrar green coffee beans comes from the Oromia region, which was formerly known as “Harrar.” It is one of the three main regions in Ethiopia eastern highlands, which has a reputation for producing outstanding Natural-Processed coffees with distinct berry notes. The Oromia region is east of the capital, Addis Ababa, and is dotted with small farms. It has a heavy body and flavor that is marked with berry tastes, including blackberry and blueberry. The smell is a combination of earthiness, fruit and chocolate and it is often compared to a dry wine.


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