Colombia Supremo

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Grade: Screen 17/18

Harvest: 2018

Region of Origin: Cauca Colombia

Cupping Attributes

Q-Grade: 82.00 [Original Report – PDF Download]

Prime Attribute: Caramel, Almond

Preparation / Milling Attributes

Screen Size: 99.9% above 16 screen

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  • 25 lb
  • 50 lb
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Copan Trade directly works with the mills in Colombia to import Colombian green coffee beans.

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2 reviews for Colombia Supremo

  1. manny (verified owner)

    This Colombia Supremo green coffee is one of my own and my customers’ favorite coffee choices. My preferred method of roasting this high-end Arabica is to take it to a dark roast profile, just below of that of a French or Spanish roast profile. I have personally found that at this profile stage all of the aromas and essential oils of the Colombia Supremo coffee beans are brought out and these oils give the coffee a perfect espresso-taste and wonderful aromas as an end result!

  2. Down Range Coffee (verified owner)

    We have been using this coffee for over a year now for our roasting company. Everyone that has tried it always praises it for being smooth and not bitter. We even use this in our specialty pepper infused coffees. This coffee is so versitale with the different types of roasting and different levels of roasting.

    We recommend this 110%!! Try this coffee and you will not be disappointed!

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