Coffee Roasting Services


Copan Trade is now offering roasting services for all our customers.  Our roaster is a 30kg (75lb) US Roasters machine made in Oklahoma, USA.


It’s fully data logged with our best profiles for each bean that we sell and we can customize them if needed to exact specifications.


We can do roasting as well as grinding services starting at 50 lbs.  Due to the large roaster that’s the smallest effective batch we can do.


Services start at $.50 per pound.  Please add an extra 2 days for delivery to allow for roasting time. To order services online beans must be purchased in 50 or 75 pound increments. Add quantity of services based on volume purchased.  Depending on roast profile coffee will loose 15 – 20% of weight.


Roast Profile Guide

Roast Profile

Light (Agtron 50), Medium (Agtron 55), Dark (Agtron 65), French (Agtron 75)

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