Coffee Roasting and Grinding Services


Copan Trade is now offering roasting and grinding services for all our customers.

Our roaster is a 35 kg (75 lb)

U.S Roasters machine made in Oklahoma, USA.


Our master roaster knows all our best profiles for each bean that we sell.


We offer roasting services as well as grinding services starting at 50 lbs.  Due to the large roaster that’s the smallest effective batch we can do.


Services start at $0.80 cents per pound plus an additional $0.10 cent Grinding fee.


Please add an extra 2 days for delivery to allow for roasting time. To order services online green beans must be purchased separately in 50 or 75 pound increments.


Add quantity of services based on volume purchased.  


Depending on roast profile coffee will loose 15 – 20% of weight.


Roasted and Ground bulk coffee is shipped in sealed Mylar bags.


Roast Profile Guide


*All Sales Final on Roasting Services – Please call us before ordering if you have any questions

Roast Profile

Light (Agtron 50-55), Medium (Agtron 45-50), Dark (Agtron 40-35), French (Agtron 30-25)

Got something to discuss?

March 30, 2018

I think your Agtron numbers are off. I believe darker roasts (espresso) approach 20 Agtron. Thus French roast would be around 25 to 35ish?

Matt Laxton
April 2, 2018

Hi Jason,

Thanks for the question. Those numbers and images actually come from an Agtron ColorTrack chart. They’re reference numbers to the color track we use for those particular roast levels. So what you prefer as a dark roast may not be exactly what we standardize at.

The French roast on the chart does sit at around 25-30 though and we try to stay pretty close to the chart for consistency. We can customize it a bit upon request but we try and limit that as much as we can.

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