Brazilian Green Coffee Beans
Brazilian green coffee beans have a sweet and chocolaty flavor that has become extremely popular in the world of coffee. It also includes strong tastes of honey, molasses, cashew and malt. We import directly from Brazil to ensure the quality and consistency of every bean along with great pricing through superior logistics. Try out one of our many green coffee bean.

Brazilian Specialty Green Bean

Specialty Coffee Florada Fancy Cup is a blend made up by the following regions: South of Minas, Minas Gerais, Cerrado, and Parana Maringa. The green coffee beans are prepared to NY 2 Screen 17/18 Standards (NY2 less than 10 defects). You can view further details and order here.

Brazilian Coffee Import and Economics

Brazil is slightly smaller than the United States and exported over 50 million 60KG bags of coffee last year. There is estimated to be over five million acres of coffee farmland. Brazil is the world’s largest producer of coffee giving it the ultimate upper hand in market pricing. Coffee production mostly comes from southern portions of the country; however is moving north due to damages caused by frost in past years.

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