Copan Trade

By working directly with the producers, we’re able to bring you the very best selections available to fill any roasters needs. Receive a variety of premium green coffee beans straight from the origin.

Family owned and operated for over 30 years!

New Specialty Coffees

We'll be rotating select origins of specialty coffees with an SCA score of 85+ on a regular basis.
Find your new favorite in the Specialty Coffee section before they're sold out!

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The Coffee Process

Coffee Begins At The Farm

Cherries are handpicked once ripe from healthy trees.

Then Travels Through the Wet Mill

Raw coffee cherries are processed at the wet mill to remove the outer fruit.

Refined in the Green Coffee Mill

The parchment is removed from the beans and they’re sorted by size an quality.

Stored in the Warehouse

Coffee is then carefully stored in the warehouse awaiting delivery.

Received At Our Local Warehouse

Green coffee is delivered to our location in Houston, TX for quality control and storage.

Packed and Delivered to Roasters

We pack and ship the very best to passionate coffee roasters like you!