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By working directly with the producers, we’re able to bring you the very best selections available to fill any roasters needs. Receive a variety of premium green coffee beans straight from the origin. Quantities a low as 1 Lb.

Family owned and operated for over 30 years!

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We'll be rotating select origins of specialty coffees with an SCA score of 85+ on a regular basis.
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Our Story

Family Owned

Copan Trade has been family owned and operated for over 30 years, since founded by Sheri and Walter Dunaway in the Mid 80’s.  Their story begins in Santa Rosa de Copan, a mountain town in western Honduras, in which Sheri and Walter began their quest to find some of the best green coffee beans in the world.  Their travels took them deep into the mountain villages to purchase locally grown coffee, eliminating the middle-man and establishing relationships with the local growers.  Soon they were planting their own coffee, but all the while maintaining close and personal connections with the independent growers in the Honduran highlands and mountain villages.

Copan Trade opened its USA office, established in Tomball, Texas in 2002, with the goal of commercializing green coffee from Honduras.  Over the years, we have seen the market place change. Small and medium size coffee roasters are shifting the supply chain in a way that better and unique coffees are hitting the marketplace.  Copan Trade aims to cater to this segment of the market by offering unique coffees from Honduras and other origins at prices that can only come from a direct relationship with the growers.


Green Coffee Family Pride

The Dunaways mastered the ways to reveal the natural qualities of Honduran coffee which possesses unique taste characteristics such as fruits, nuts, chocolates, and spice and is never bitter and always intensely aromatic. At Copan Trade, family pride and morale is maintained by delivering the best tasting coffee to even their most discerning customers; always in keeping with their high standards and principles, quality control and personal attention.

Due to the ethical and sound business practices kept by our family business from our humble beginning in Honduras, it has been easy to expand and develop relationships with the people in the “trenches” in central and south America. Odd as it sounds – the coffee world is a small one, and because of that it’s easy to find out about the reputation of a business involved in the green coffee world.

We’re proud to say that our sister company, Inaginsa (Inversiones Agroindustriales SA) is the only coffee exporter in Honduras that is still under the same ownership and has been exporting significant volumes even after 25 years. Over time, most local coffee exporters have filed for bankruptcy or have been absorbed by multi-national organizations.

Rest assured that you will have a professional, yet personal experience with our company and will receive competitive pricing. CopanTrade knows that you the roasters demand Directly Traded, UTZ/RFA certified, sustainable coffee production methods and connections with associations that are relevant in the coffee industry; we maintain these practices as we feel these liaisons are significant to the success of our business.  

Call Copan Trade and let us import and provide you some of the most exceptional green coffee beans in the world.


From Our Family to Yours